Recycle and Reuse

EXL Furniture takes great pride in pioneering efforts and being a leader in our industry for the past 25 years to reduce landfill disposals of office furniture.

“We Were Green When Green Was Just a Color”

A lot has changed since the late 1980’s and early 90’s when we started to clean out office spaces but our mission has stayed the same – to repurpose, reuse, refurbish and recycle office furniture and to assist companies in decommissioning and liquidation of their FF&E in an efficient, safe manner.

Used Office Furniture Saves More Than Just Money

EXL Furniture clients save a tremendous amount of money when furnishing their offices. Our massive inventories of pre-owned office furniture sell at large discounts allowing our customers access to high-quality products that would normally be out of their budget reach.

When choosing to use pre-owned office furniture you are doing your green part to help the environment. Repurposing office furniture and increasing sustainability reduces landfill use and lessens containments to the air and ground. You are saving money and the environment at the same time.

Buy and Sell office Furniture
We purchase large quantities of high end pre-owned office furniture from companies. We sell this quality used office furniture at large discounts saving our clients a lot of money when furnishing their offices.

Design and Layout
Professional CAD design services helping our customers properly fit used furniture into their office spaces providing the proper workflow for each work environment.

Delivery and Installation
Our carpenters are experienced with all major office furniture manufacturers and building codes to properly install contract furniture and fixtures.

Our large fleet of trucks and trailers is always ready to service our clients

We supply all the labor, equipment, trucking and supplies necessary to safely remove all furniture, fixtures and contents from office spaces. We resell, re-use, recycle, and donate furniture and items to limited landfill disposals. We leave office spaces furniture and fixture free and in broom sweep condition for the landlord.